Raja Ampat Indonesia

Pieces of Paradise Fallen
in East

Raja Ampat Indonesia is located in West Papua and has become a “must visit” destination in Indonesia. This island has become one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia which offers exotic landscapes.


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Holiday with nature vibes, running with the fastest animal on earth

The 10 “new” Bali’s


As previously mentioned in my article, there are numerous people who refer to Indonesia as Bali.  There is a lot more diversity to Indonesia than just Bali though.

Exploring Cenderawasih Bay National Park

Paradise Bay
in Papua

Cenderawasih Bay National Park (Taman Nasional Teluk Cenderawasih) can be one of the interesting tourist destinations in the eastern part of Indonesia. This National Park is precisely located in Cenderawasih Bay in West Papua Province including the Island of Mioswaar, Nusrowi, Ron, Rumberpon and Yoop.

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https://www.menpan.go.id/site/berita-terkini/dari-istana/presiden-tegaskan-tanah-papua-jadi-prioritas-pembangunan Indonesian...
Name and Historical Background When the Dutch...
Papua is a province in Indonesia which is located...
https://www.indonesia.go.id/ragam/pariwisata/pariwisata/fakta-tentang-papua-sebagai-pulau-terdingin-di-indonesia Mulia...
Papau is an area of cultural and biological...

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A glimpse of Papua

Papua is a province in Indonesia which is located on the western island of New Guinea.   Papua is also often referred to as West Papua

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PAPUA: province of indonesia

Papau is an area of cultural and biological diversity, the population of (west) papua province embraces different religions. there are hundreds of different ethnicities with

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